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December 2014: Welcome to our new website. Join in, connect and collaborate today.


Collaborative networking for community health

December 2014 - Welcome to our new website. Those of us involved in health and development depend increasingly on networks to ensure we avoid duplication, share ideas and resources and demonstrate to a fractious world that collaboration greatly increases the effectiveness of our inputs. We and many others are seeing that a new model of health and development is emerging in what we call the post Millennium Development era – the years from 2015 onwards. This model will depend on relationship, cross-sector collaboration and shared solutions.

CHGN was created in response to this. We encourage organisations and communities to identify and develop their assets, gifts and capabilities, so they can collaboratively respond to concerns, find and share solutions, and lead their own futures in a sustainable way. Join the movement today.



What is a Cluster?

What is a Cluster?

Clusters connect, inform and influence community-led health and development.
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Ebola: Let’s appreciate the caregivers

The international media brings both criticism and understanding of the West Africa Ebola crisis response. The message that really needs to be heard is one of appreciation, says  Dr Ted Lankester – appreciation of the staff and volunteers from around the world who are showing love and bravery as they treat, care and bring hope.  — All of us …

Jamkhed VHW on home visit (c. Joke Vermeersch)

Mental Health in North India: Stories of Isolation and Inclusion

Several years ago, Dr. Kaaren Mathias was struck by the isolation and lack of access to care for most people with mental disorders in North India. Here, she shares stories of exclusion, loneliness and abandonment – and also of support, inclusion and compassion – that she hears as she works with Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) in …


CHGN Clusters: collaborative networks

CHGN believes in the power and potential of collaborative networking. We see that when people come together to build relationship and identify shared vision, good things happen! We are encouraged by our global network of members and supporters. And we are passionate about our in-person networks of organisations, individuals, community organisations, faith groups, community leaders and others who come together face-to-face …