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Championing community-led health & happiness

We are a growing network, an emerging movement, a group of people determined to make a difference to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

We are people from many countries and backgrounds. We are motivated in different ways - by faith in God, by humanitarian ideals or a love for people and the planet.

But we all want to bring about change in our communities – not by throwing lots of money and resources at problems, but by connecting people together; by celebrating transformational gifts and skills; by working together and developing deep trust; by agreeing about the barriers to health, wellbeing and happiness in our neighbourhoods; and together creating solutions to overcome them. Join us today.

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What is a Cluster?

What is a Cluster?

Clusters connect, inform and influence community-led health and development.
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For the cost of a cup of coffee, you could send community changemakers to India in 2016! More here

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Nick Henwood

Getting Serious about Urban Community Health

In this week’s blog CHGN trustee Dr Nick Henwood explores the challenges and opportunities in urban health, and looks at approaches that health and development workers can learn from. —– Tell us about world population growth. In 1950 about 2.5 billion people lived on earth, by 2050 we will be about 10 billion. 3/4 of …


Recent reflections from Kericho, Kenya

This week’s blog shares highlights from the Kericho Cluster in Kenya. CHGN Cluster Mobiliser Robins Ochieng gives an update in his own words, looking back on recent achievements as well as forward to hopes for 2016. ––—- Uplift media in collaboration with the CHGN Kericho Cluster recently hosted an event Dubbed “ Poetry at the …


Meet the CHGN trustee: Kerryann Cope

This week we chat to the lovely Kerryann Cope, one of the current CHGN trustees.  ——- As a new CHGN trustee, what aspects of our work excite you the most? And which areas do you hope to be most involved in? I am most drawn to the “wide angle lense” of CHGN’s world view – seeing communities …