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December 2014: Welcome to our new website. Join in, connect and collaborate today.


Collaborative networking for community health

December 2014 - Welcome to our new website. Those of us involved in health and development depend increasingly on networks to ensure we avoid duplication, share ideas and resources and demonstrate to a fractious world that collaboration greatly increases the effectiveness of our inputs. We and many others are seeing that a new model of health and development is emerging in what we call the post Millennium Development era – the years from 2015 onwards. This model will depend on relationship, cross-sector collaboration and shared solutions.

CHGN was created in response to this. We encourage organisations and communities to identify and develop their assets, gifts and capabilities, so they can collaboratively respond to concerns, find and share solutions, and lead their own futures in a sustainable way. Join the movement today.



What is a Cluster?

What is a Cluster?

Clusters connect, inform and influence community-led health and development.
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Dr Eric Walker: My electricity-free week

Yesterday was World Earth Day, and so this week’s post comes from Dr Eric Walker, who shares his 2014 account of living for one week without electricity. For Eric it provided insight into a way of life that is normal for many around the world, and as the world looks ahead to the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, it also shed (candle)light …

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Community skills for tackling the world’s biggest killer 

Before you read any further in this blog please stop and answer this question:   What medical condition kills more people than any other in the world?  I bet unless you are a professor of medicine or public health worker you didn’t guess right. I wouldn’t have guessed the right answer unless I had read about it in the medical journal The Lancet, in their clever …


CHGN: Looking back, moving forwards

People often ask us questions about Community Health Global Network (CHGN). How did it start? Is it a company? Is it a charity? Who is involved in it? Is it part of a larger organisation? So this week I want give you some background, especially as the next few weeks are very important for us. …