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Championing community-led health & happiness

We are a growing network, an emerging movement, a group of people determined to make a difference to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

We are people from many countries and backgrounds. We are motivated in different ways - by faith in God, by humanitarian ideals or a love for people and the planet.

But we all want to bring about change in our communities – not by throwing lots of money and resources at problems, but by connecting people together; by celebrating transformational gifts and skills; by working together and developing deep trust; by agreeing about the barriers to health, wellbeing and happiness in our neighbourhoods; and together creating solutions to overcome them. Join us today.

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What is a Cluster?

What is a Cluster?

Clusters connect, inform and influence community-led health and development.
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Trauma workshops in Myanmar, an insight into a country in transition

This week’s blog is an extended feature by friend of CHGN and InterHealth clinician Fiona Dunkley, an experienced Psychotherapist who recently ran a 1-day trauma workshop with the Yangon Cluster in Myanmar. —– So many exciting and wonderful places had been recommended to me as I was considering where to go for my honeymoon. I …


Meet the CHGN Associate: Dr Joy Wright

This week we chat to the wonderful Joy Wright, CHGN associate for the Cluster in Yangon, Myanmar. —— On your recent trip to Myanmar as CHGN Cluster associate, what are some of the key challenges that the group face and how do you think the Cluster approach helps to overcome some of these? Good questions! …


Meet the Cluster Mobiliser: Yangon, Myanmar

This week we chat to the Madini, the excellent mobiliser for the CHGN Cluster in Yangon, Myanmar. —— Madini, please tell us a bit about your role with the Salvation Army and what you particularly enjoy about your work? I work at The Salvation Army (TSA), Headquarters in Myanmar as Project Department’s Secretary and Bookkeeper. Our …