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Championing community-led health & happiness

We are a growing network, an emerging movement, a group of people determined to make a difference to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

We are people from many countries and backgrounds. We are motivated in different ways - by faith in God, by humanitarian ideals or a love for people and the planet.

But we all want to bring about change in our communities – not by throwing lots of money and resources at problems, but by connecting people together; by celebrating transformational gifts and skills; by working together and developing deep trust; by agreeing about the barriers to health, wellbeing and happiness in our neighbourhoods; and together creating solutions to overcome them. Join us today.

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What is a Cluster?

What is a Cluster?

Clusters connect, inform and influence community-led health and development.
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Gathering Stories of Hope in Kericho

Our Kericho Cluster in Kenya has been collecting stories of people who refuse to let their disability dictate their prospects in life. By making these people better known in the community, they are seeking to give hope to others in a similar situation. In this week’s blog post, Kericho’s Cluster Mobiliser Robins tells the story of one of these women. Mama Helen was born …


Sparking Hope, Peace and Health in Somalia

In Somalia, a community project involving local students is helping to build a brighter future for the country. CHGN’s friends Dr. Yusuf Sheikh Omar and Dr. Khadijo Mohamed Osman launched the project, and here they tell us all about it. For the last 25 years Somalia has experienced a devastating civil war that has completely destroyed national institutions, and undermined social foundations. …


Gwembe: Returning to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’

  In this week’s blog, CHGN’s co-leader Elizabeth reports back on what our Zambia Cluster in Gwembe have been up to lately. I always look forward to visiting the CHGN Cluster in Zambia, or the ‘Chabbs’ Cluster as they are known. Having previously lived in Southern Zambia, I enjoy returning to visit the people and the …